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Who we are?

Bluebanyan is an industrial technology company delivering real-time machine intelligence to the resources sector enabling our clients to make educated quick decisions to increase productivity, reduce costs and minimize risk.
We help Students & Corporate Associates acquire knowledge & technical skills, which is not a part of our regular curriculum but, is greatly required in Technical and Corporate World.
What makes us stand different from others is our team-work. The Consistency & Dedication of the team together made the company from ground up to provide highest level of technical services to the mining organizations and industries.

Our vision

We believe that AI and ML are the key to innovation in the mining industry. We want to create digital mines and to bring innovation at each part of Mining Operation, to digitally empower our partners and help them to be succeed in era of digitalization.

Our mission

BlueBanyan positions itself as the ideal innovative partner who offers reliable and best-of-the breed solutions, expert knowledge, skills and ability to deal with complex Industrial Digitalization challenges. We see problems as challenges and we add value to your project by adopting cost-effective and innovative solutions in order to increase your company's efficiency.

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