MinoDrone For Aerial Survey and Mapping MinoSchedule Scheduling of entire mining operations MinoContract For third party management MinoEye For Surveillance and safety MinoPredict By Smart Machine Learning and Big Data Engine Minoplan Planning of entire mining operations Minodrill-Blast For carrying out drilling & Blasting activity MinoTerminal Smart Customized Mobile Data Terminals MinoFleet Automating and managing the fleet MinoGarage For streamlining the maintenance MinoFuel For HEMM fuel management MinoWatch The centralized Dashboard for mines MinoAlert Smart Safety alert and critical alert system MinoReport The MIS system for reporting & Analysis MinoCompliance For managing the compliances of any mines 1 Surveying Mine Planning Drilling & Blasting Production Scheduling Loading & Hauling Crushing Report & Analysis Compliance 4 9 11 10 15 2 3 5 6 7 8 14 13 12

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